Diane Wallace (b. 1971)

Diane Wallace is a contemporary fine artist, who currently lives and works in London.



People interest me, especially those considered to be “outsiders”. I’m drawn to people who are unique and fascinated by those times usually unseen, such as performers after the show or, “behind the curtain”, but I believe that there is no such thing as a “normal life”. Everyone has a story. I aim to capture some of this in my work, allowing the viewer to feel they understand the subject better and hopefully feel a connection with them.

My paintings and drawings are figurative, but I use colour to explore something deeper in the subject, or convey certain emotions. I often do my initial sketches in oil pastel, as this can be a wonderful way to explore which colours to use in the finished piece.


Current & Future Exhibitions

24th - 27th July 2024 Salon Noir Summer Show, Group exhibition, 54thegallery, London

Past Exhibitions

2024 Wimbledon Art Fair, Open Studio, Wimbledon Art Studios, London
2024 Spring Salon, Group Exhibition, Candid Gallery, London
2024 Women's Art Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Candid Gallery, London
2023 Wimbledon Art Fair, Open Studio, Wimbledon Art Studios, London
2022 The Last Hurrah, Group exhibition, Omega Arts, London
2021 Art4MentalHealth, Group exhibition, Electrowerkz, London


Private collection, London UK
Private collection, Plymouth UK


Studied under:
Desmond Haughton
Aldous Eveleigh

Westminster Kingsway College, London — BTech Art & Design, 2001
A multidisciplinary course exploring Fine Art, Visual Communication, 3D Design, Fashion and Textiles, Photography and Digital Media.